1507 Loiza Street
San Juan, PR 00911 |
+1 787.520.8854

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Conturce Hostel is located at No. 1507 Loíza Street, in the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, walking distance to the beach. The hostel is designed for travelers from different places and cultures to share in common spaces, in an atmosphere of fellowship and camaraderie. Located in the heart of urban San Juan, hostel guests can move around by walking, and by bus or car to places of tourist and cultural interest and areas of offices and businesses. In addition, it is located within walking distance of the supermarket, pharmacy, laundromat and restaurants, bars and as well coffee shops. It is also close to the beach.


In case of emergency, the hostel has an evacuation plan as well as fire extinguishers that are fully charged and in accordance with current Fire Department regulations – these can be found in the hallways, and there are automatic sprinklers in the rooms, restaurants, kitchens and meeting rooms. All exits and locations of the extinguishers are properly identified.



The Hostel has the following facilities:

• Reception area

• Kitchen equipped with coffee machine, toaster, microwave oven and a fridge.

• Dining room                                                                        

• Roof terrace

• Fridge in all rooms


7 rooms with 35 beds

•1 private room with queen bed for two

•1 room with 4 beds for women only

•1 room with 4 beds (co-ed)

•3 rooms with 6 beds (co-ed)

•1 room with 8 beds (co-ed)

Hostel Includes

• Bed linens 

•Full bathroom in kitchen area

• Lockers with keys in the rooms

• Air conditioning in the rooms

• Wi-Fi and free internet

• Iron and ironing board as per request by the guest

• Hair dryer as per request by the guest

• First aid kit

• Water cistern

• Power generator

• Solar heater

• Map

• Coordination of excursions (Additional cost)

• Bath & beach towels for rent